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10 Things To Do Before You Die

10 Things To Do Before You Die

Back in 1902, Cecil Rhodes, 48, lay on his deathbed. A mining magnate, he had made a huge fortune for himself in gold and diamond. Prime Minister of Cape Town and a highly-respected figure, he had created an empire at the age of 45. And when time came to its end, he was heard muttering, “So little done, so much to do”.

For anybody who loved his work a little too much, these last words could mean that he wanted to be in the office for some more days or make more money. But in the last minutes, there is something else that people really wished to do.

Here is a list of 10 things that you should do before you die:

  1. Make a road trip:

Be it a solo trip, or with the best of your friends; make a road trip to lands you’ve never been to. Take a car or bike, navigation device and good spirits. Unknown lands will help you discover a lot about yourself and also what you are capable of. This memory will last you the entire lifetime.

  1. Eat a hearty meal:

When it’s the end of time, it may not be possible for you to have a good meal. So, pick your favourite foods and enjoy a good, sumptuous meal. A good company will be better still.

  1. Sleep Under the Stars:

With a life so urban, we have forgotten what it is to be in touch of nature. Lay out a bed on your house rooftop on a starry night and gaze at the stars. There is serenity with everything so quiet and the stars giving you the company.

  1. Do something you are afraid to do:

No, don’t go climbing a real mountain. It only means to do something that you are afraid of or is entirely new to you. This will help you gain confidence in yourself.

  1. Love with all your heart:

Love somebody with all your heart, and tell them. Do everything you can to keep the love going and the other person happy. It gives immense happiness to see your loved ones happy.

  1. Forgive Someone:

There are times when somebody hurts you so much that you are beyond a compromise. There is no way you could let the grudge go. But, if the other person feels sorry and genuinely asks for your forgiveness, give it. Set them and yourself free. This will help you settle in your heart and let bygones be bygones.

  1. Adopt a rescue pet:

Give a new life to a rescue pet. Let the pet feel loved again. It feels amazing to know that you have given love, shelter and food to someone who lost all hope.

  1. Kiss in the rain:

Kiss somebody you love in the rain. Tell them that you love them and make every rainfall remind you of that one rainy day.

  1. Sleep on the beach:

Sleep on a beach on a breezy spring morning. Let the waves make their incredible sounds and have a relaxing day. It will help you unwind.

  1. Take part in a marathon:

Run. Run with all your might. Even if it gives you cramps for the next 3 days. Taking part in a marathon makes you feel like you are a part of something incredible. And it is definitely rewarding.

These 10 things may not be the ones in your bucket list. So make one for yourself and start taking action.

So, which are first three things that you would like to do?

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